Let's Check the "Box" Together

kristin ship.JPG

One day, while running with friends, the conversation turned to all the things there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get done.  One friend confessed there was a package on her dining room table that had been waiting there a month for her to return.  Another agreed that this was one of her most dreaded (and procrastinated!) chores. I offered to help them with their returns and was delighted to hear how much peace of mind it brought them.

I thought to myself, "Really?  Is this a thing? Could this chore I actually enjoy become something I offer as a service to help others?"


I live in Wrentham with my family and have spent the past 19 years teaching elementary school kids, maybe even some of yours!  Organization is my middle name, so much so that my friends have endearingly nicknamed me “Plans Pitman”.

If returning unwanted purchases is the thing that keeps falling off your list, let me help you check that box and Get Your Ship Together!